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Milltek manifolds

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Hello guys

New to the forum. I had my car for 6 months now and i am starting to want abit more out of it performance wise.

I put a carbonio kit a while ago. Next on the list is a zorst and remap.

Are the manifolds worth it?

What are the noise levels like?


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what do you want just the manifold, cat back or a full system?
manifolds only i dont think would make much diff to the overall noise, as for gains i think there about 7bhp , but that may be in conjunction with cat back system.
Manifolds are worth it if you do the full list of mods I've done (Milltek - manifolds, sport cats, straight thru cat back, Superchips custom remap, EIP complete cold air intake) as you then end up close to 300bhp but without the right combo, you'll lose torque low down. I drove my car with the manifolds fitted but before the remap and it was noticeable.

Downside is add that little lot up (I'm not going to!) and you've got a few quid. Do it in stages like I did and you'll still enjoy it, just leave the manifolds until you do the remap.

And the manifolds are a pig to fit. Took APS 1.5 days to do mine (although I was first MKIV they had done), no idea what the book price on labour would be for them.

Noise wise, the manifolds wouldn't make the car much noisier as such, but it changes the exhaust note and combined with the air intake noise, you can hear the engine more as the car is accelerating towards you whereas cars without manifolds and intakes but with similar exhaust setups, are quieter until they go past you, if that makes sense!
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I agree with all of Dan's comments.

When I had my manifolds fitted it took Awesome 1.5 days to fit them, I got a good price on the fitting, but I have also spent oodles of money there.

The order you should go with now that you have had the Carbonio.

Is the exhaust - then the cats and then finally the manifolds.

Where do you live?
sorry guys, my post didn't sense.

I am definately going with a non - res cat back and hi flow cats but while the cars on the ramp and in bits, i thought i might aswell go the whole hogg.

Prices range from £1400 to £1700 sluppy only.

What map are people running with the full system?

I live near ripon N.yorks.

I had the Revo stage 2 map on mine with the full system (manifolds, hi flow cats, non res back) and it was pants! However without the manifolds it was fine.....
mine is a 'custom' Superchips map which takes the manifolds into account. If you have superchips dealer near you, its possible to pester them to get the head office to give them the remap, otherwise its a drive down to Silverstone.

It makes sense to get all the work done in one hit as I'm sure it works out cheaper in labour this way. Just wasn't sure you were ready for that sort of spending!!

By the way, my car 'only' made 268bhp and 237lbft on the dyno. This is up from 250bhp and 226lbft of torque before the remap but with all my other mods. These figures should be taken with a pinch of salt as the Superchips dyno is notoriously pessimistic (AMDs dyno was reputably 8-10% more optimistic than this, according to the MAHA dyno rep) and my car has the Haldex PP which further confuses the issue when dynoing as the Haldex assumes the load on the rear is wheeelspin and sends power randomly to different wheels. Real world is 290-300bhp.
if i add cams as well as the full exhaust and remap what power levels do you think i could odtain?

Brought a new haldex controller today aswell as oil and filter so i will be fitting them at the weekend.
r32mjc said:
if i add cams as well as the full exhaust and remap what power levels do you think i could odtain?

Brought a new haldex controller today aswell as oil and filter so i will be fitting them at the weekend.
I think you would be close to the magic 100bhp/litre. I have read that the cams add 22bhp on their own. I'd love them in mine - but it is a major major mod - one that is a major engine modification and needs to be thought about carefully. Next year for me maybe or this year - haven't decided yet. Will cost about £1000 too :151:
On AMDs dyno, there were two cars I know running:

Milltek hi flo cats and cat back exhaust
Cams - think it was the 268 ones, or the most aggressive at least
Hi pressure fuel regulator
AMD remap

and this all added up to 312bhp.

Add the manifolds and you would be close to 320bhp, but this would probably only be 280bhp on someone like Superchips dyno
Why are there such big discrepancies between different dyno's?

40bhp is a massive difference!
depends on the dyno itself and how the operators run the car.
Dynos are calibrated by the installer but different correction factors can be put in to make the numbers read better. Its why they should always be used as part of the tuning process and not about who has biggest number. You can even influence the numbers by running higher tyre pressures!
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