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milltek non res and high flow cats fitted

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wwwwhhhoooo.just bak from the garage and enjoyed every minute of the ride home!!!infact think ill head out again soon!!hahaha

great noise and works better on the supercharger as its not so restricted!!!

llluuuvvviiinnn iiiitttt!!!!:top::aetsch:
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very nice.

can you alter the map to take the system in to acount or does it not make a differnce with a charger. With it been engine driven.
dont think it makes a diffrence mate.well not that i know of?:hmmmm:
good on your andy, bet it sounds awesome!
cheers mate!!i had to plug the vacum hose when i got home cos could hear a whisteling noise!!and it wasnt the charger!!hahha

it was a nice whistle thow.would have left it but iv heard they can fail after a while due to over working!!damb!!!:dontknow:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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