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MK IV Interior change

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Alrite people, this is my first post as i have just joined the R32 club!! But iv bought a silver one with grey interior and really wana change it. Was thinking of a re-trim to black leather and was wondering if you guys had any thoughts about who to reccomend and stuff...

Look forward to ur responses....
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It may be easier for you to purchase the black leather interior (check the VWVortex forum classifieds) rather than to have your interior recovered.

Someone may be interested in a swap seeing as I dont believe they had your interior in the US, maybe someone is after it.
i reckon your going to be cheaper buying rather than retrimming tbh

i dont think you'd have a hard time selling the colour youve got either :)
so you guys reckon swapping or selling mine and buying the black interior is a better option...il look into it..just trying to sort out a tracker for the car today,way too many options to choose from!!!
Yes, fifty is right. post on the vortex classifieds and I can almost guarantee you'll find a buyer. make sure you post pictures though, I know I would never buy interior piecies without a detailed image...

It's funny, all the Americans want the euro style, and all the europeans want the american style...
We can work together!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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