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MK V Fuel Consumption

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Hello all,

I've had a test drive of a MKV today whilst the MK IV was in for a service, wow very nice, now can anyone tell me?

How many miles to a tank are you getting? (V-power is my preferred fuel)

How many litres is the tank in a MKV?

Average MPG? across fastish A/B roads.


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250 miles to the tank.

Between 17-22mpg, up to 25 on the motorway.
Oh dear that's poor, urmm not very good at all.

Looks like the VXR may be staying then...pah!:unsure:
As Ed said, 17-22mpg is standard. My average is usually about 21, obviously depending on how you're driving. Most i've had from a tank is 270 and that was with a lot of driving on motorways and at 40-50 on back roads behind slow traffic.

Tank is 60 litres, vpower is 110p up in Glasgow so it's usually £60 per fill up.
320 miles per tank of Sainsbury's super and mostly driving around town. Not the greatest fuel in the world but I am having no problems with it.
Obviously it depends on how you drive it but… If I keep close to 1500 rpm, feather the throttle, coast in gear and generally try to anticipate everything, I'll get 26+ mpg on my 40 min drive to work and that still allows me to drive faster than everyone else ;-)

When I'm on fast A/B roads in "who cares about fuel - not me" mode (regularly), I'll get mid teens. I honestly don't care though. The thrill it gives easily justifies the extra cost.
Ive seen 30 on the motorway

average 25mpg on day to day stuff
the avg for the MKV seems a bit down on what I get in my MKIV, maybe I'm just driving like an old woman but I don't think so. Regularly see 27+ on longish journeys
High speed stop and start hell that is Milton Keynes, I get about 14mpg when caning it and have never seen more than 22mpg.
I'm surprised that the consumption on my mkV is worse than my mkiv. I recall thinking I was going to run out one night on the way home from work in the mkIV and drove like a granny - trip was 30mpg+. In the same situation on the same road in a mkV I can't get near 30.

I average 26 MPG per tank, range 280 - 300.

I thought the FSi engine would be more economical than the mkiv, but it is noticeably worse! SO much so that I have an interview for a new job on Tuesday which would be a near 80 mile daily round trip. I can't think of a better car to do it in (ooh-err missus) but I don't know if I could afford it!
Im not too bad i live 5 miles from where i work round trip too, but i get between 19-23 mpg round town and when i go on the mway at about 65-75 i get 30-32 mpg.
Thanks for the replies people.

My MKIV currently has 235 miles showing on the trip with just under half a tank left, that was a journey back from Somerset and a taking the car to Shrewsbury for its recent service and MOT.

Looking to offload my VXR for a MKV but the trade in value of the VXR is an insult, so it may not happen:unsure:

I can get over 330 miles from the 60 litres in Vectra (2.8 V6 Turbo)


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