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Mk V - Has there been a facelift?

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Hi All,

Been out today looking for a Mk V R32... however I seem to have found a few weird differences between two models I found.

The first was a 2006 '56 and had a centre armrest, a sliding cover over the cup holders and a silver ashtray cover. It also had 'mp3' written on the stereo (which also had silver buttons).

The second was a 2006 '06 model; but this didn't have the armrest, or the sliding cover for the cup holders. There was no ashtray cover at all and the stereo didn't have the 'mp3' text (making me think it's not an mp3 player) and it didn't have silver buttons.

Has there been a facelift during 2006 or am I barking up the wrong tree? I don't want to buy the wrong model!!

Thanks for any advice.
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The only 'facelift' upgrade I'm aware of is the new alloy wheels and touch screen sat nav, both available on 57 plates onwards.

The things you have noticed are simply options available - one car had them, the other didn't. One stereo would have had been the upgraded version, and the armrest was an option as well, which came with sliding cover etc.

So in short, one was more highly spec'd than the other ;)
Superb! Thanks for the swift response...
An old post but made interesting reading, thank you.
Might well be wrong but didn't the first cars miss out on being able to read MP3 CD's?
davefish said:
Might well be wrong but didn't the first cars miss out on being able to read MP3 CD's?
Yes your right Dave,

Also the later cars got the different style boot handle/badge.

Like Ed said.... The interior stuff was all options.
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