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I am struggling to find a manual or guide for how to re-assemble an R32.

I have a situation where I have received a failed project car back with boxes of parts, I don't know where the bits go, what they relate to and what might be missing. The donor car was a 2008 R32, so the engine bay needs to go back together the same way, the actual engine and gearbox are there but e.g. the brake lines and everything else are out of the car, lots of supporting brackets seem to be missing also.

So far I found this:
Volkswagen Golf V 2004- / Golf Plus / GTI / R32: Бензиновый двигатель 3.2 литра (BUB) 184 кВт (rus.)
But it is in Russian.

& I found this with exploded parts diagrams:

and a pdf covering R32's model years 1999 - 2005.

Where do I find one for the 2008 R32? Needs to be for a Mac ideally.

Also what is Elsawin?

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