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Mk1 Golf Gti Cab For Sale

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I have my MK1 Golf GTI cab for sale. I purchased the car back in November and the car has been very very sold since then starting first time and has just gone through its mot really easily as well as having 12 months tax just done. The only problem i have had with it was the clutch going so i replaced both the clutch and gearbox as proventative measures.

Here are soem pics:

If your interested please pm me :)
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good luck with this dude, theres one in the paper this week for over £2k in a similar condition so you should do well
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cool, ask around for me mate :)
already text my bro-by-marriage, hes after one at the moment like i said at inters, he's working maisey day the weekend so wont see him till into the week.
cool that would be ace if he is after one :)
I might have a buyer for you...let me send the pictures over to her!
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