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Ebay item number: 281126018328

Ends tommorow night Wednesday (3/7/13)

Taken from a running 1995 Volkswagen MK3 Golf GTi 16v (ABF engine)

PART NUMBER: 037 133 061 BQ (037133061BQ)

It is complete with the TPS and idle switch.

This is also a direct fit for the Passat (ABF engine code only) 2ltr 16v engine, SEAT 2L 16V ABF engine as found in the Cordoba, Toledo and Ibiza (Same ETKA part number for both VW and SEAT engines)

These are also typically used in 1.8T conversions into other VW vehicles (MK1 MK2 MK3 etc) where aftermarket engine management is being used to dispose of the drive by wire DBW throttle system and run a cable operated throttle or for chasing higher power in 1.8T engines conversions with a cable throttle (the throttle plate diameter is 65mm!). This is NOT a direct replacement for a standard 1.8T vehicle but only those SPECIFICALLY stated above; a small amount of fabrication is required to fit these to a 1.8T inlet manifold and will also require custom engine management or rewiring.
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