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Mk4 Bumper/Grill fog/driving Lights

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Doe's anyone know where you can buy the Fog grill/bumper lights from?

Anyone got them fitted to there R32 ?

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they appear on the german fleabay from time to time mate if that helps
Found these on fischer motorsport


Fog light kit for the mk4.

StuOwen86 said:
Hi Stu,

Not the correct ones for my .:R32,But I had some like that on my TDI mk4.

ah well, hope you find the ones your lookin for mate,

StuOwen86 said:
ah well, hope you find the ones your lookin for mate,

Thanks again Stu for looking

I have looked on ebay but not seen any yet and dont know if they can be added to the light switch/rear fog light.

Thanks mate.:)

caxton01, I've been looking for the same things for a while. I actually found them this past Tuesday night, and have been going up and down through my history, clicking every link.. but no luck. I will continue searching, I promise you that. But if you find them before I do, please post a reply here.

Thanks in advance,
Hi Cavin,

I have looked in the past on ebay,(But not seen any)

Good luck in searching again, (Were they vented grills)?
I don't think a kit was ever done for these. Take a look at the link below. It's got a bit of info. DIY install.


The site is undergoing maintenance right now but should be back up soon.
Thanks young man ,

I will have a look later when the site is back up and running again,

Man, that loooks so good. Great find.. now time to try to order it and ship them to the US. hah

Ew. $285?!?!

Damn currency exchange rate. :(

Thanks again!
Sure Cavin you can find cheeper ?

Must be the only ones that I have seen.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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