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MK4 Exhaust and Haldex ECU swap doable on stands?

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I've got a Techtonics exhaust and blue controller to shove onto the car, which have been hanging around looking for a job for a while now, so I thought I'd jack the old beast up and try and fit them this weekend.

The Haldex I've read is a right ball ache to do on stands and I'm fully prepared to give up on that after 10 mins, but with the exhaust, is that going to be a hammer and lots of swearing job, or do they come down fairly easily?

If anyone who's done these tasks could offer any pearls of wisdom, I'd be grateful
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Yeah I picked up on the rubber band trick from Bill's webspace

If that was the hardest part, then happy days! The ECU looks buried behind lots of chunky metal parts and I thought it looked pretty impossible to get at the last time I was under there, let alone reach the fun part of messing with rubber bands and gaskets, but I guess I'll find out tomorrow! Cheers bud.

Yeah, I've got a fresh tube of Haldex oil on standby
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Cheers for the advice chaps!

Yeah I got a new gasket for the Haldex. I ran out of time to do that tonight but I had a good look at what's involved and I don't think it will be too bad. I'll save that for another day

I got the exhaust done though! Apart from the sleeve clamp bolts being basically just lumps of rust, it all went smoothly. Took about 2 hours all in.

I chose Techtonics as I've had them before on other cars and they're simple exhausts that are dead easy to fit, align perfectly and more importantly for me (as I'm old!) they are quiet!

Here is the exhaust in question.

A lot smaller (and much lighter!) than the stock exhaust.

Stock exhaust has seen better days. The tip clamps are falling to bits!!

And the end result. The tips are the same size as stock (not a fan of drain pipes) and the bumper alignment is spot on!

I'll take it out for a spin tomorrow, see what it sounds like and report back. I'm hoping it shifts the horrendous cabin drone of the stock exhaust, which is only reason I've changed it.

The question is, am I the only person in the UK running a Techtonics?!
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Actually I saw another MK4 at the dump today. The first I've seen since buying mine! The owner was about 70 so I'm not quite the oldest

Well the techtonics is lovely! The cabin drone is still there around 2000rpm but it's a different pitch (not as boomy) and quieter. So it's quieter than stock on part throttle, silent at motorway speeds and the familiar Chewbacca yelping down a drain pipe is there. Sounds perfect with the sunroof open and windows closed. Refined until you crack the throttle open
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This is interesting. I am 33, but also think the stock is to loud sometimes. This could be something for me also down the road. Is it stainless?
I'm 40. I grew out of my loud exhaust phase in my early 30s!

Yeah it's stainless.

The stock exhaust used to shake my mirror at certain throttle openings below 2500rpm!

I've tested it a lot more since Friday and got it really hot (when the drone volume increases) and it is still there, but over a narrower rev range and it is definitely quieter than stock. Not as quiet as I'd hoped but it's an improvement. I think it's just the nature of the beast.

I need to meet up with some local MK4 owners with a resonated Milltek and see what that's like. I've been told the drone just moves further up the rev range instead of shifting it completely. I'd rather the noise was lower down the revs for quiet motorway crusing.

I wonder if the rear silencer can be lagged with loft insulation or something? lol
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