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I am interested in purchasing 5dr model, mileage under 70k perff,
Must have full service history buy vw or specialist inc all haldex services etc ( cams done if possible )
and possible had the ecu updated from vw.
Less owners the better.
Dark colour indigo, moonlight blue, black but must have black leathers only please.

Any option would be good cruise etc .. standard car prefferd.
I don't want a trashed or batterd R32, I would like one that has been well cared for with no scratches, rust, dents marks or paint jobs anything like that - I know they the R32s are now 10years+ old but there are still mint models out there & well cared for by the owners.

Also will consider a MK5 r32 with dsg gearbox in black or shadow blue colour £11k budget!!

No traders please.

Would like to purchase from r32 enthusiast, willing to pay the right price for a minter.

Mk4 r32 my Budget is up to £7800k depending on the milage / condition etc.

Thank you for looking
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