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I've put together a little list of P/N's for all things mat related so it's all in one place..

It might not be the most exciting part, but due to the many variations offered, it can, and does, often confuse most folk about which part is which, so i figured i'd add them all here and hope to shed some light.

Below are the all the various P/N's for MK4 mat fittings i could find, if there are any missing PM me and i'll update it.
Also: Some colours might be specific to other models i'm not 100% sure.

Oval Clips (Twist fitment): For cars that need OVAL floor mat retainers..

3D0 061 795 B41 (Satin Black)

3D0 061 795 Q70 (Light Beige)

3D0 061 795 U71 (Flannel Grey)

3D0 061 795 3PT (Cream Beige)

3D0 061 795 71N (Anthracite)

3D0 061 795 7G8 (Pure Beige)

3D0 061 795 H7H (Sunshine Beige)

3D0 061 795 92F (Petrol Green)

3D0 061 795 3U6 (Anthracite Grey)

Round Clips (Push fitment): For cars that need ROUND floor mat retainers..

3C0 061 795 9B9 (Satin Black)

3C0 061 795 H68 (Pure Beige)

3D0 061 493 A Q70 (Beige)

Push stud floor fixings:

3C0 864 523 (+ relevant above colour)

Oval twist fit fixings:

3D0-864-287 (+ relevant above colour)

Carpet Screws: This is the small screw that taps into the carpet to the attached retainer, allowing round floor mats to be mounted firmly.

3B0 061 494 (Short, round, black screw)

3D0 061 494 A 01C (Tall, round, black screw)

Floor mat screws: (To replace lost or broken fasteners)

3D0 061 796 B41 (Black)
3D0 061 796 B41 71N (Anthracite)

Hope this helps...

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Shame this wasn't up sooner, i had a right tit head on the other end of the phone at my local VW when i tried to get black twist fitting for my matts!

Part numbers would have made the process alot easier

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