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Mk4 Midnight blue for sale

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This is for the benefit of the newbies who joined prior to buying an .:R

It looks mint to me, and is my fave colour. (2003 car on 26k miles, under 15grand, 3-door, Recaros)


See Rob&Carolines pics for more views of this colour (note - it's not their car!)

Hope it helps somebody!
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This car is mint! He bought it and wanted my supercharger but he couldn't wait till it came off so he bought another R32 that had been done, hence why he's selling it. It's a good buy IMO. :151:
koenigs! its only you lucky buggers that get the recaros!
Tokyo Dub said:
See Rob&Carolines pics for more views of this colour (note - it's not their car!)
Rob and Carolines is Indigo Blue (as is mine) and not Midnight Blue as this car is. Midnight blue is darker than Indigo Blue.
Sorry Tokyo, VG is correct, ours is indigo.... But the Midnight is even rarer than ours!!

If you saw one in the street on a dull day it would be black, only when the sun hits it can you tell its blue and only just then!!

Good find though fella and a very nice rare car!!
I hate to be a geek but I've just realised it's Moonlight Blue and not Midnight Blue....I'll get my coat :vroam:
Whatever it's called..... it's better than that common as muck DBP!

In fact, Mr Geek, and R+C, it's about time you posted some more pics for me to drool over
Couldn't agree more....just waiting for the DodoJuice to arrive and then I'll grab the camera and get shooting.
I can take some pics of it dirrrty tokyo?! :driver:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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