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Mk4 Milltek cat back non res for sale!!

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As said in title, got one for sale good condition offers of £275 will be accepted. Live in East Sussex of collection or will courier at cost to you PM if interested.
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how old is it mate and wots the condition?
does it come with all the mountings and brackets?
sorry about the poor quality photos!


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Could You send to Sweden?
If so i think we could do a deal! :)
How comes that you are selling it:unsure:
Hi thought I better post this, as I can’t believe the demand still getting people PM'ing me. Sorry but the exhaust has gone, I sold it cos the car has gone and took it off the car before it went! I also have a hpa roll bar never used for sale if anyone is interested And a TOM'S rear stress bar!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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