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Mk4 R32 at home HPA Borgwarner 7670 turbo build

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Ok, as a few of you may already know, I decided to enter the world of forced induction.

With the help of Seb, also known as 'Golfguy' on this forum, he noticed my thread from back 4-5 months ago with me asking about the forum in search of what to do, and where to go in terms of getting the most out of the 24v VR6 engine with going FI, wether that be turbo charged,or super charged.
I knew absolutely nothing in the field of forced induction, and didn't really actually understand the concept of how a turbo system worked apart from the obvious fact that in generally makes your car faster, and makes some really nice noises
oh....and with that obvious observation I also knew it comes with quite a heavy price tag.
Seb had got in contact with me, and the first time we spoke on the phone he spent nearly 4 hours on the phone to me going through my options and explained pretty much everything about turbos and superchargers how they worked.... pros and cons of each etc etc!
I was indeed massively fascinated and it came to the point where an opportunity came about that I really could not refuse.
I decided that going turbo was going to happen....I have nothing against superchargers, I just felt that if i was going to do something like this, it would have to be turbo!
A few of you may remember Golfguy putting up a feeler thread a few months back to give those like me on here wanting to go turbo FI the opportunity to get the HPA DTM 7670 Borgwarner turbo kit at a slightly reduced price with shipping and duties.
Needless to say I pretty much yanked his arm off for a place on his shipment as it turned out that I would save quite a few pennies thanks to him (thanks again mate!)

My MK4 R32 Kit included :
360HP / 360TQ @ .5bar
EFR 7670 Single Scroll Turbo (optional extra ceramic coating)
HPA Cast Exhaust Manifold (optional extra ceramic coating)
HPA 70mm Downpipe (optional extra ceramic coating )
Stainless Steel Heat Shields
500cc Injectors
Custom Silicon Hoses
3 bar FPR
8:1 Compression Reduction Kit
AEM Boost Controller
Proprietary Software*
Oil and Water Braided Lines
Nuts, Bolts, and Gaskets

*ECU must be shipped to HPA for programming

I also decided to purchase the HPA Haldex TouchMotion AWD controller as it seemed like a very good piece of kit and seeming I missed out on the group buy that took place on here a few months back I thought is seize the opportunity once again.

2 months after handing over quite a large amount of money, it turned up!

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Opening the boxes brought many memories back to me of when I was a kid opening presents on Christmas morning.

Some pictures.......
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(For those of you wondering why I have a piece of paper with my username tagged on it, it's because I was going to sell this kit on as at the time of receiving it, me and my partner had some very fortunate news with that we were going to have our first baby. Our 11 week scan was a few weeks ago now and it wasnt so fortunate and revealed some very bad news. She had lost the baby within the first few weeks but the body didn't know.)
I put a feeler thread up to sell because I thought we were going to need the money.
Before our 11 week scan, we both made the decision that i could see out my build, and the feeler thread was no more (apologies to those that were intereated, wasting anyone's time was not my intentions, it were just a very confusing time and wasn't sure on what to do)

With that all said and done..... on with the build!

Now with the kit sat in my laundry room I had not yet made any plans to have it fitted.
I was definitely in 2 minds as to wether i should attempt to do this myself. I am a very anal guy and I would not bare the fact that my pride and joy would be in someone else's hands. I know for a fact if i put 110% into something I'd do a much better job then any expert out there as my OCD won't allow for anything less than satisfactory and I hope my build thread to come shows this.
With this said, I have never done anything quite like this..... my car had been evolved in a minor accident previously which unfortunately left her catagorised an insurance write off D, but fortunately left myself and no one else completely uninjured.
I took her back from the Insurance company and decided to fix her up. That turned out pretty well for someone that has only ever done smaller mechanical jobs an amateur diy at home "mechanic" can do, and with that I was quite proud of myself!

BUT!!!!!! even still.... I have never taken an engine out to be completely stripped down and rebuilt.
This was something all very new to me so I spent many hours browsing the Web on my phone researching all the jobs I will need to tackle in rebuilding the engine. (The missus was getting very jealous with how much time I spent on the phone, but of course I continuously reassured her it was not another girl I was messaging on the phone lol!)
I came to the decision that instead of spending 2k+ on getting this done, and in a less than satisfactory way I decided to spend that money on the tools and equipment needed to do it myself.
I had the time, space and ability (or so I felt ) due to the amount of research and help I had available to me from users on here and the genral world wide web (thanks to those that have answered all my questions and concerns in the last few weeks, your contributions have lead me to a point where I'm almost complete)

Soooo much more to come! Watch this space


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End of day 1. With the help of fellow member on here known as JUSTALBIN day 1 had the engine out ready to be stripped.

Hats off to this guy! He's helped out numerous times through out my build, it's hugely appreciated mate!

More to come


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Great to see your tackling this yourself! Going to be a great build thread for sure! All the best with the build.
Look forward to seeing this come together!

2nd day of the build was me stripping down the engine.
A very nervous part for me as I wasn't overly confident at this stage with understanding the timing. I read several diy guides of how to do the chains and it was this that gave me the confidence in taking the cylinder head off the bottom block.
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Gearbox off ready to be stripped back, cleaned and prepped ready for painting.
Cam cover off and to my surprise the engine looks as if it has certainly seen better days.
Some what gob smacked on the amount of what seemed to me like heavy carbon build up. This car has a complete full service history fulfilled by VW themselves every year, and with looking at the state of the engine it leads me to think that maybe some or a lot of her services weren't done properly what's so ever.
And on that note have made the decision to do all future services myself every 5k miles. I will document this every time via this build thread so should I ever choose to sell up this way i somewhat fill this could be a good way in proving that this car is cared for properly from this day forward by myself only. I obviously don't own a service stamp, so it's the only way I can think of in terms of getting around this as I'm really finding it harder the deeper I get into this to allow anyone to ever do work on this motor again. Especially as I'm getting more and more confident with doing more technical work on her as time passes.

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I had purchased a product called 'Seafoam' which is a petroleum based cleaner. I came across it on another 24v vr6 engine rebuild and thought I'd give i a try.
It did wonders for the cylinder bores and piston heads.
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Cylinder head was sent off for dismantling, full cleaning to remove the heavy build up of carbon deposits, valves and new oil seals and a precautionary skimming to ensure the best seal can be made
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I bought a set of cam locking plates to secure the cams and to aid in timing later on in the build.

More to come. Idiophone Gas Serveware Automotive lighting Metal


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Subscribed! Awesome work so far.

So much more satisfying when you do it yourself.

When I rebuilt and fitted my R32 engine the most I had done on cars was changing brakes/suspension and basic servicing!

Will be following this closely as I'm intending on following the same route and fitting the HPA kit myself hopefully next year.
Ecu was taken out, boxed and shipped out to HPA in Canada for flashing and software remapping.
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At this point it was in definite need of a good clean beneath the scuttle panel! 12 years of dirt and dead leafs has built up quite a mess.
(Anybody know the best place to source a new scuttle panel? TPS? clear plastic VIN number shield has completely deteriorated away)
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More shots of the cleaned cylinder bores
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Next on the list was to modify the sump for the oil return lines.
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Then was to remove the apparent weak point in this engine when it comes to introducing more power to this engine.
The connecting rod bearings! I decided to go for the R36 bearings as after reading on quite a few threads, these are just as good as good any other race grade bearings and at just over £100 with new bolts I thought why the he'll not, easy to do with you engine on a stand.
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Some pictures of the r36 connecting rod bearing install
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Painting the cylinder block. A total of 3 coats was added to give a good rust free protection

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That's it for tonight.....I'll continue to right this thread tomorrow.
Plenty more to come!
Watch this space


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Next on the list of things to do was to paint the rocker cover.
I cleaned and prepped back the aluminium, it was heavily corroded from the last 12 years so was in desperate need of something.
I decided I was going to spray it an aluminium silver.
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But I didn't like it.... Soooo

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Much better I think!? Moving on.....

Old crank shaft seal looked to have seen better days, so out it came and replaced new.

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Painted the chain covers

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It was time to put the head back on to the cylinder block! Needless to say I was crapping myself about this part.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Wheel Vehicle Tire


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I admire you for taking the time to build it your self, keep up the good work
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Bores still in great condition with visable cross hatching

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Hubcap Tread

As I took the head bolts out when separating the head from the cylinder block, I had bagged and numbered each one as they came out as per the diagram from the Bentley manual in the removal sequence. Old bolts we're then matched up to new before tightening down in reverse order
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Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood Bumper Audio equipment

I was by myself so I hacked the heads off of 4 of the longest old head bolts using a angle grinder and put them into the 4 corners of the cylinder block to help aid alignment of the head.
With the spacer plate and 2 gaskets I wasn't confident the alignment dowels would do all that well

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Next up, the timing. More to come!


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I admire you for taking the time to build it your self, keep up the good work
Cheers guys! It's getting there. After this weekend I'll hopefully have the engine back in it's bay. Would have been sooner but I have been having some issues with a company that had sent me out the wrong clutch. My car has seen 63k now and the original clutch was still good, i just wanted to change it so that i won't have to rip the engine out again anytime soon. Still staying oem though as I'll only be pushing 360-370bhp out of this kit.
There's no build without it's issues believe me.

This thread has plenty more to come anyways....just finding the time to upload the pictures and do a little write up. It takes a little while
Did you reuse old head bolts ?
VW bolts are one time use/Torque to Yield and should be changed once removed(stretch bolts they are called if I remember).

I might be wrong but was told this by mechanic.

Hat down that you have taken it upon yourself
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Did you reuse old head bolts ?
VW bolts are one time use/Torque to Yield and should be changed once removed(stretch bolts they are called if I remember).

I might be wrong but was told this by mechanic.

Hat down that you have taken it upon yourself
You are right mate, but i indeed definitely used new bolts! 4 of the old bolts got hacked up and used to help alignment of the head anyways
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Nice one mate can't wait to see it all together it's been a long time without the R32 and credits for taking a massive job all by your self
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I wouldn`t fit an OEM clutch if your replacing it. At least fit a Sachs organic clutch plate and pressure plate as your be screwed if you ever go for more power.
Nice one mate can't wait to see it all together it's been a long time without the R32 and credits for taking a massive job all by your self
I've not done it on my own....you've helped out massively! Kudos!
Great effort and rally interesting. Well done for doing it yourself. I would do mine if I had the space and proper tools.

Tip, rotate the pictures which are on their side for better viewing
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Now to fit new chains, sprockets, guide rails and do the timing

Old guide against new

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Wood Fixture Gas Electric blue Tints and shades

New tensioner bolt with extended piston to allow the extra length needed for the oil feed to the turbo

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New OEM water pump, manifold studs and thermostat. The things that are worth replacing once they are out.
Wood Hardwood Wood stain Auto part Rim
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Fluid Finger Nail Thumb Household hardware


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Looks like your doing a really nice job of this Sean. I bet your glad you kept it now

Iooking forward to seeing the end product, keep up the graft.
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