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Mk4 R32 coil pack wire cover needed

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I'm after the small peice of plastic that covers the wires on the top of the inlet manifold for the coil packs.
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Yo Jamie I have the original red ones, there are blue ones fitted on mine. Car is still at work I will check if all 4 are there in the boot man

Don't think he's talking about the coloured coilpack covers but the piece of plastic that covers the channel the wires to the coilpacks sit in. I may be wrong though.
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The conduit is sold on Aesome GTi's site
Don't think it's the conduit either. I'm sure there is a plastic cover over the channel that the wires sit in.
They are £38 wherever you buy
i need one to
He says earlier in the thread they are £38 new,
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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