Mk4 bare engine blocks £150 picked up or £225 delivered on a pallet.
Mk4/5 cylinder heads from £175 delivered to £300 delivered. All need a dam good clean before fitting which is why they are cheap.
Mk4 forged crankshafts that have been tested and journals measured £500 delivered
Mk4 sumps £35 delivered
Mk4 rocker covers £80 delivered
Mk4 rear diff/hadex unit ( no pre charge pump or haldex controller ) £100 delivered
Mk4 rear diff/haldex unit with haldex controller and pump £225 delivered
Many other Mk4 engine parts availiable
Prices quoted are as paypal friends, if you want to pay paypal sales please add 5% to the cost to cover the extra fees paypal charge me so you get protection.