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Hi all new here but been around the Gti forum for years, I currently own an extremely well looked after 1.8t see my sig, but I now have some money for an R32, I have wanted one for about a year and now have the money in the bank to get one, problem is I am fussy and require the following...

Must have full service history ether VW/Specialist
Upto 100k on mileage but would expect the chains, flywheel and clutch to be done at this mileage along with 10 oil and filter changes, 5 Heldex oil changes with at least 3 filter changes.

Fans working how they should, and all the usual stuff in good order.
Black interior only not interested in the grey, Cruise control would be nice, other than that im open to what is on offer.

my pref in colour is DPB but show me what you got, I wont reveal my budget but show me what you have on offer, ether reply or text me on 07854847447 I would try and find someone to trade my much loved 1.8t but I feel its easyier to offer cash deals unless someone is interested otherwise i'll sell my 1.8t or break it.

I am not a lover of travelling so would considder paying abit for you to bring it to me but all this can be discussed
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