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Mk4 R32 hesitation in every gear ?

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Hi fellow R32 owners.
Let me start by introducing my self, im Kasper and i'm from Denmark (sorry for my english, its not my first language), i've had my Golf V6 4M for about a year, when i swapped the engine for a R32 with 95.000 miles on it and new timing chains.
Now i've been driving it for about a month and what a diffrence! wow. Great engine.
BUT ! i have a little problem with hesitation. I read some other threads about R32 hesitation, but my problem is not the same as other discribe theirs.
When i drive normal in, lets say 2. gear, and give it full throttle, the car hesitates for a few seconds and then pull like it should. The funny ting is,its not allways but maybe 60% of the times i accelerate.
I've had my VCDS on and no DTC's :S
While driving i opend block 060 i mess. blocks and watched while accelerating, and when hesatating the throttle body is stuck at 35% for a few seconds and then opens full, and pulls like it should.
Now i just went for a longer hiway drive, and after 30min. i had an EPC lamp on (still no DTC's). When that lamp is on, the car no longer hesitates, why?
This EPC lamp resets itself and the car is back to hesitation.

I've tried changing brake-light switch, clutch switch, MAF and throttle body alignment but no difference.
What should i do now?
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jon_R32 said:
Mine does the same kinda just waits for a second then it's off! In the car park when you dont want it too as above ill try to snap you neck.
Why you gonna snap his neck? :p
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