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Need some help diagnosing a fault with my Mk4 R32,

So i was joining the motorway, in third getting towards the redline but not on it and as i was changing gear i heard a noise, a bit hard to describe the noise......sounded expensive though and it felt like something had disconnected, it wouldn't engage any gear and just revved like it was stuck in neutral. luckily i was going fast enough to roll to the next slip road but im trying to identify whats wrong/possible price to fix at a garage.

The gears feel alright i.e. the gear knob goes into the gears etc without any noises and the clutch pedal its self feels springy and as before. I can put it in gear and dump the clutch and it doesnt stall so i guess its stuck in neutral. The hydraulic tube/pipe doesn't move when the clutch pedal goes up and down so im thinking mabe pressure plate, gear linkage or something similar?

Obviously there's some transmission issue but cant find anyone with a similar fault. The closest ones i can find that sound like they have the same symtoms were a few posts about CV axles going whilst driving and just spinning as there's no resistance but i don't think it would be that.

Anyone had a similar fault or any ideas what it might be?

Also any heads up on prices at a for work to be done by a garage would be good to get an idea how much this is going to cost.

Thanks for any info in advance!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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