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Decided to clear out the Man cave i did plan to hold on to these wheels for the winter but now take car of the road for the winter. The wheels were refurbed 3 years ago at an expense of £400 they are painted in an audi terra Brown colour very unusual but look great finish is in a high gloss. The wheels have been on the car twice and covered arond a 1000 mile. the tyres are two ultac with decent tread one g/year F1 decent tyre and the other tyre is a lesser high performance with a pretty decent tread. There are no kirb marks only marks at the wheel nuts very minor. the wheels are the original OZ Aristo that came on my 2003 R32 no dents no buckles

Im looking for at least £500 for them as they have tyres and are fault less the wheels are based Half way between Dundee and Aberdeen Would prefer them picked up.

Thanks for looking PM me for More info or Email me at [email protected]

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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