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Mk4 R32 Overheating !!!

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Hi guys need a bit of advice please

driving home today and noticed my temp gauge rising to 100 degrees, didn't exceed further than that and monitored all the way home. I was stationary at lights but did not seem rise. I have noticed lately before this happened that when at idle speed have noticed the revs to idle slightly erratic for about 5-8 secs then its back to normal. this happens occasionally and thought it could be the fans kicking in. Is this normal ???? Or do have have a fan issue. if so can someone send me the link or topic to check this.. Many thanks
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Make sure outside is +4 and stick your fans on auto, the fan should spin slowly. If it doesn't then you sir need a extern resistor pack.
SAJ said:
is this an expensive fix ?? and something i can get easily sir
SAJ said:
also get this ticking noise sometimes coming from the engine bay in front of the expansion tank looking from the front could this be related ??
Nah that's your charcoal evap canister. Perfectly normal
SAJ said:
ahhh ok many thanks Cheempeej sorry i'm having a moment PM.d does that mean its mailed
Yeah Personal Messanger. Give me a text of its easier.

1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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