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Firstly Hello guys new to the R32OC

One of those things I should have done along time ago.
Well Im on here now.
I have a standard Mk4 R32 Black with Black leather interior.
Standard wheels the only recent upgrade was a set of Eibach Pro springs replacing the Snapped standard springs.
All was fine since Ive had it, Been about a year now, maybe longer.

Up until a couple of weeks ago when after a very short drive, went to start it and it refused.
After a couple of trys and waiting it started.
Hooked it upto VCDS and this what it showed.

17746 - Camshaft Position Sensor (G40)
P1338 - 001 - Open or Short to Plus
17755 - Camshaft Position Sensor 2 (G163) / Engine Speed Sensor (G28)
P1347 - 002 - Incor. Correl.

Cleared the above but the G40 kept comin back as a fault.
Anyway stayed fine for another few weeks up until a couple of days ago when after a few local trips it just refused to start.

I was thinking sounds like a fuel problem
Sprayed some easy start hoping this would get it going, But the 32 wasnt having any of it.

Hooked up the VCDS and this is what it was sayin.
As well as the two above faults.

Catalyst System; Bank1
P0420 - 001 Efficency Below Threshold

Accelerator Position Sensor 1/2 (G79/G185)
P1639 - 008 Implausible Signal

Camshaft Position Sensor Bank 2 (G163)
P1391 - 002 - Short to Ground

Intake Manifold Valve (N156)
P1516 - 004 - Open circuit.

Intake Air Temp Sensor (G42)
P0113 - 002 - Signal too High - Intermittent.

Anyway after that shock of having 7 fault codes and reading up of similar problems with starting, I thought maybe fuel pump.
So I managed to disconnect to fuel line coming in and got someone to crank it over and see if the petrol comes through, And what do you know there was petrol pissing out all over the place
So the fuel pumps ok.
Well it was getting dark and seeing as though its on the drive I called it a day.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly welcomed.
I am suspecting either a faulty Oxygen sensor or broken wiring somewhere.

Thanks in Advance

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That's a lot of codes that arnt isolated to one area or even on thje same loom!!

Id swap the cam sensors as that's serious yet consistant.

I suspect cat is showing because of loads of/cranking/ fuelling but no firing?

IAT sensor is inside the maf, so you probably killed the maf using easy start!! I have one here

Intake manifold valve, check all of the pipes on the manifold. Intake change over valve in tact? although this shouldn't affect starting

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nice one.
Yes thats what I was thinking about cat its getting alot of un burnt fuel thats why its showing the codes.
I used the easy start after the maf
one of the small vacuum pipes did look a bit suspicious and frail, I will check em all and replace them.
I was thinking of replacing the spark plugs maybe there is a problem with them or the coil packs, but saying that coil packs would have bought up a code.
Not to worry its all good fun.

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Well surprisingly I have changed the crank sensor and one if the cam sensors.
But still no joy.
Put computer back on it and was still showing cam sensor fault short to ground so it looks like a wiring problem.
Took battery tray out and air box just a bugger trying to get the wipers off to gain acces to ecu.

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Well the poorly R32 has been off the road for almost 3 weeks now.
Ray the main man came around with the relevant wiring diagram for the R32.
started tracing back wires to ecu connector and beleive it or not all was spot on.
So now we even had ray umming and arring.
Hooked up vcds again and the same two cam sensor faults.
one short to ground the other implausible signal.
So ray said take a screen shot of the codes and clear them.
Now he said swap the cam sensors front to back.
Did this and what do you know, the fault codes now were reversed by swapping the sensors.
So there you have it.
The bugger of a cam sensor i bought from G&S was faulty and so was the other one.
Went nextday ordered original sensors from dealers.
Put the two original sensors in the car, and It was alive again.
Well I have learned my lesson when it comes to electronic sensors they must be original, or like Paulie was saying it might say made in Italy but it started off in China and made its way to Italy.
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