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So recently I've been having trouble starting the the mk4.

From cold the car will not fire up on the first turn of the key no matter how long I will let it crank over. It cranks over fine, really quick actually as if the battery has full power so not a battery fault. As soon as I stop letting it crank over I'll try again immediately and it will fire straight up as if there's no problem. Anyone know what could be causing this. Also to note the pump primes as it should on ignition and on the door module.

Fault number two, the car when started will run and idle fine but for only around 5-10 seconds then it will immediately cut out like I've just turned the key to off. If I try and start it after this it won't start it will just crank over no matter how many times I try.

The only way to start the car after this is to leave the car for a few hours and the whole process is repeated.

The car only started doing this after I had removed the inlet and throttle body and refitted it. All electrical connectors are back in where they should be. Any ideas?

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