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MK5 Brake Options

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Guys I've been wanting to change the coluor of the stock r32 front and rear callipers to red and have been weighing up my options....

Out of interest though do the LCR brakes fit like for like?....as far as I can tell they are pretty much the same just different colours.... even part numbers are v close

VW R32 Part no's

LH Calliper: 1K0 615 123J
RH Calliper: 1K0 615 124J
Carriers: 1K0 615 125F

Seat Cupra Part no's

LH Calliper: 1K0 615 123K
RH Calliper: 1K0 615 124K
Carriers: 1K0 615 125G

Would need rears also....

But basically will these fit? And if so what can I use? I.e existing carriers oh and will the mk6 r retainers fit also?

Doesn't matter if they don't, I'll get them refurbed if not, just thought it might save me some hassle
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