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2007 Golf R32 DSG converted to dual fuel.
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168k miles
I purchased it December 2016 @ 102k miles and converted to LPG @ Yorkshire Autogas - £1700
Very high spec car with full Khan leather and carbon fibre interior.
Car used for daily commute, hence high mileage, but kept very well to keep it reliable.
I've replaced the suspension and bushes, front wings, wheel bearings, brakes and rear calipers, drive shaft, belts and pulleys, seats repaired, etc, etc. Some parts several times.
Large items include :-
Dec 2019 @ 142k miles, gearbox overhauled with new clutches when bearings became noisy. £1968.
Feb 2021 @156k miles, timing chains replaced. £1300.

Extras include - heated seats and mirrors, Sat nav, cruse, air con, carbon splitter and rear trim, miltec exhaust with 200 cell sport cats, induction kit, ipod dock and phone via bluetooth, front fog lights, auto lights. goodrich brake lines, updated engine and gearbox mounts, uprated & adjustable front ARB.

Car starts on petrol and switches to LPG when the vaporizer warms up, usually about 1 mile. 50 ltr gas tank in spare wheel well which does around 250 miles. LPG currently at 71p/ltr.

September MOT with only advisory for 1 failing drop link, both replaced along with all 4 Lambda sensors.
The only problem is slight rust starting on bonnet edge and bonnet front, easily repaired while sorting the stone chips on the front.
The car shows a fault code for inefficient cats after about 150 miles, but it passes an MOT emissions test (printout of recent test provided).
Now on winter wheels and tyres, oil and filters changed on both engine and gearbox while the car was lifted.
Car will come with fault code reader.
Only selling as my wife's new car has finally arrived and I'm inheriting her old S1.
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