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Hello all

i have decided to sell my beauty, totally other end of the scales to an r however i thought id see if any was interested in a sale or px for their r

My car is a stage 2 supercharged vauxhall vx220

2.2 na which has been supercharged and remapped around 260bhp(done by a well known guy on the vx220 forum which has done many ( specialists)

Impressive spec which includes ;

-grooved ap brakes
- miltek exhaust
- Gaz adjustable suspension
- genuine factory hardtop (1k option)
- satin black wheels and windscreen surround
- gloss black spoiler and ears(side vents)

0.60 in around the 4 second mark.

FSH/3previous owners/tax and mot/2keys/2alarm fobs

Colour is yellow and has done just over 53k

I am looking for a mk5 3 door open to colours pref sat nav.
standard or modded is fine, cash either way.

If anyone is interested I can give more info on my car

Worth a shot eh!I just have always loved the r and would love to get one before the winter strikes


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Im not sure if your aware but your pictures on Ebay are showing up REALLY small, you can hardly see them?

If you upload them to flickr or photobucket and copy them into the actual listing you can adjust the size.

Anyways good luck and i bet that thing is RAPIDDDDDDDD!!!!

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yeah ive just uploaded more via photo bucket cheers mate.

just had so many moody old farts slating my ad on the vx220 forum abou the pics. i didnt realise they where that small.

and yeah its pretty quick for sure:)
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