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Mk5 for my s/c vx220

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Hello all

i have decided to sell my beauty, totally other end of the scales to an r however i thought id see if any was interested in a sale or px for their r

My car is a stage 2 supercharged vauxhall vx220

2.2 na which has been supercharged and remapped around 260bhp(done by a well known guy on the vx220 forum which has done many ( specialists)

Impressive spec which includes ;

-grooved ap brakes
- miltek exhaust
- Gaz adjustable suspension
- genuine factory hardtop (1k option)
- satin black wheels and windscreen surround
- gloss black spoiler and ears(side vents)

0.60 in around the 4 second mark.

FSH/3previous owners/tax and mot/2keys/2alarm fobs

Colour is yellow and has done just over 53k

I am looking for a mk5 3 door open to colours pref sat nav.
standard or modded is fine, cash either way.

If anyone is interested I can give more info on my car

Worth a shot eh!I just have always loved the r and would love to get one before the winter strikes

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You would probably have a better chance if you added some photos.
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