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Golf Mk5 R32 Recaro Interior 5 door
Taken from a 2008 car

Great condition apart from a few age related scratches. (In the pictures the scratches seem worse as I had to use a flash to capture them properly)

I bought the seats in 2010 and put them into my MK5 but removed them and the leather door cards in January this year before trading the car in and they have been sat in my front room ever since.

I had all intentions of getting the front seats retrimmed and putting them in the Mrs' new car but she likes the standard seats.

Really comfortable seats and definitely make the interior of nicer place to be.

Seats are heated and both plugs are the same under the seat, please check your seats wiring loom if you are fitting to a MK5 with heated seats already in.

As mentioned these have been sat in my front room since January and its now time to move them on so I can fund other things I want to do to my R32.

I have seen these seats go for silly money with a standard interior expected in return. I do not need seats in return and am including the door cards (You will have to use own handles and drivers side silver strip)

There are holes drilled in both front door cards from when I had my crossovers mounted in the doors, There is a carpet section which normally goes in the bottom which node these holes that you will have to reuse from your own door cards.

These are priced sensibly so they sell.

Im looking for £1750 or nearest sensible offer with collection from the North East near Newcastle. I work away so do not have the facility to pack them on a pallet and wait for collection etc. Pickup to be made on a weekend or the week beginning 27th May to 1st June as I have time off.

Please PM me with any questions you have.

And here are the pics:

Front Seats:

Rear Seats:

Front Door Cards:

Rear Door Cards:

Front Seat Wiring Plugs:

Drivers Seat Rear:

Passenger Seat Rear:

Drivers Front Door Card:

Passenger Front Door Card:

Drivers Rear Door Card:

Passengers Rear Door Card:

Drivers Seat Lower Bolster:

Drivers Seat Side Bolster:

Scratch On Drivers Seat:

Scratch On Rear Bench Drivers Side:

Scratch On Rear Bench Centre:

Light Scratching On Drivers Seat Rear:

Light Scratching On Passenger Seat Rear:

I think that covers everything, I'v been as honest as I can in the description so theres no nasty surprises for the buyer when collecting.

Thanks for taking the time to look, Dan.
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