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MK5 R32 crack pipe and thermostat housing help and advice

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My car has a pretty serious coolant leak and I suspect it is coming from the crack pipe/thermostat housing. I've ordered a new thermostat housing (plastic) and a new coolant pipe which is the aluminum one from ECS. Are these two parts compatible or will I run into issues after install? the pipe seems to fit snugly enough into the plastic housing, but I want to be sure before installing it.

Also, if anyone has experience or knows if a guide exists for this repair, please let me know.
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I have a stainless crackpipe and plastic housing working fine together for years. I just can't recall the type I got - pretty sure it was 42 draft.

No reason why they shouldn't work together.
As above. I have the ECS alloy housing and an o.e plastic crack pipe. No leaks etc. Fitting is a bit more fun. I was already replacing my radiator and inlet manifold, so doing the thermostat and crack pipe became an easy job. At the very least you will need to disconnect the hoses to the radiator and, having removed the grill, bumper, crash bar etc and pulled the rad plus it’s housing forward , you will at least have some access. If I were to do the job again, I would still disconnect the aircon pipes , rad fans connector and a few other bits of wiring and remove the complete front end . Access is then dreamy .
Its alot of "fun". I like to do 2 every week. Not really. You can remove the t-stat housing from up top but you have to pop the crackpipe out from the bottom and then pull it out the top. Removing the secondary air pump is a must.
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It's one of those "things" to do when the engine is out for something else... I did the crack pipe, timing chain system inc intermediate gear etc, clutch/flywheel, rear main seal, rocker cover, thermostat and all the gubbins while it was on the stand, prior to install in my Touran :cool:

I could imagine the crack pipe being a complete arsehole with the intake manifold still on! :mad:
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Yeah its a complete Bunghole with the engine in the car.
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Front end off, complete with rad, aircon. Inlet manifold off. SAI pump out ( and filed in the bin) and crack pipe is a joy. Delete above steps being savaged by a rabid dog will seem preferable .
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I replaced my crack pipe as a preventative measure in 2018. Also did the SAI delete at that time so freed up a bunch of space with that pump and hoses gone.

I just replaced my OE thermostat housing with another OE plastic one this winter, after coolant smells the last few years. The metal Thermostat housings were out of stock at the time. The metal crack pipe was still good. The original thermostat housing itself was also still good - but the rubber seals were all shot and leaking like a sieve. Rather than mess with finding proper seals, just replaced with the new assembly and moved on.

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