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I guess it really comes down to your own judgement.. I'd put it at probably a 6 or 7, iv yet to do any really long runs in it yet but I have noticed if you just feather the throttle you can keep it fairly quiet, it really is only at cruising speed (60-70mph) when it resonates, turning the stereo can help a fair bit :) .. On the plus side it sounds great when you give it a boot full
Yeah okay I see what you mean, so really it will only be on duals and main roads where you will hear it, around town you wont be going fast enough! Cheers for the info, slowly persuading myself to go for it. I think my best bet might be to see if one of the lads locally who has one might let me have a listen if I ask nicely haha.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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