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MK5 R32 Service Cosr

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How much should i be paying for this ?

Car has covered 8300 miles.

MK5 R32, with DSG.

Spark plugs were replaced on 5800 miles.

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Apologies, it's 2007, and the last service was on 5800 miles; 2011.
[sup]I commute via public transport Monday - Friday. R32 only comes out at the weekend. [/sup]

[sup]Thanks for the input folks.

So do i!! But still manage to achieve 8k annually!! DRIVE IT!!!
8000 miles in just over 100 days in a year. Jesus, that's a lot of weekend driving. I don't think the R32 will be back out until early May. My weekends are normally taken up by Manchester United / football.
[sub]I've been quotes £400 by [sub]http://www.thelittlecarclinic.co.uk/scripts/tlc.php?header=home#meet[/sub][/sub]

[sub]That's for absolutely everything. I'd rather give my money to a family run business than VW.[/sub]
Bear in mind that you need the correct VW diagnostics to do a DSG service properly.

Your local bloke might not have that.
I'm 99% sure he said they had the latest VAG Diagnostics. I will email him mate.
I do occasionally drive after work though some days to and from football etc, and do go up north a few times a year. (to see LFC
) alton towers, etc!! Your car is such a low mileage though! i have just hit 53k!
Liverpool ? I wouldn't trust my R32 in Merseyside. Yeah, it is, quite fortunate really.
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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