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MkIV Audio Project

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Right then, having had my R32 for all of one night I've decided along with a number of other things that will be getting done that the stereo is pants and need a serious upgrade!

Firstly I'm looking for a head unit which will fit in with the R32 interior and lighting, it'll need to be a double din as I currently have the 6 disk changer and cassette thing. I'm not bothered about Sat Nav a I have a TomTom 720 with Traffic, if it plays DVDs its a bonus but not a must have. It definately needs full ipod control though as I use this more than I would ever use CDs/CD changer. I've seen a couple, Kenwood DDX-7029 and Alpine IVA-W202R to name a couple, I would be grateful if anyone with either of these or another suitable unit could give me their opinions and/or suggestions?

Secondly could anyone point me in the direction of what size, type and number of speakers are secreted around the cabin? I again would be grateful if people could give their opinions/suggestions on good speaker setups? I'm not intrested in massive boot installs, amps and subs and all that pants either, just want to upgrade the standard kit.

Thanks is advance.
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The alpine screen is very good. the PulseTouch is a nice touch! and with the ipod cable as an extra i think it tick's every box!

I haven't had one myself but i have seen then in other cars and they look really nice, and sound good to when they have been on our test bench at work!!

was looking at one of them myself!!
i have a kenwood dvd/nav, perfectly good picture, links up wit the ipod just fine with menu on the touchscreen transferred to the head unit, you can choose the colours on screen too. mine has a chrome surround and when lit up in blue it looks factory :D
found a shot, its got a dvd playing rather than displaying the audio controls but you get the idea:

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Cheers for the comments guys.

I have to say I do fancy the the Kenwood head unit, plus it can be found substantially cheaper on ebay! :) Just need to find a good installer round about Swindon or Wiltshire.

Anyone able to answer the speaker question, how many size etc?
I highly recommend the Kenwood DNX7200 which has SATNAV inbuilt so you dont need to hide a separate box. It also lets you connect your ipod so you can listen to music or even watch ipod video on the screen


Much cleaner than the DDX7025 I had previously which was similar to the above unit posted by VC. The DDX7025 didnt have satnav inbuilt and it didnt work with the ipod cable hence the upgrade.
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I would recommend you just upgrade the head unit then see how you feel about the speakers rather than upgrade at this stage based on your experience with the OEM head unit. It is well documented that the R32 sound system is much improved when you add an aftermarket head unit, the OEM is pale in comparison.

I am overjoyed with my Kenwood DNX7200, I would highly recommend it but as you mention you dont need built in satnav then perhaps consider a lesser kenwood model. Watching videos on the unit is my favourite feature second only to the musis playback.

You may also wish to have a look at the pioneer avic d3, many R32 owners say this unit is great.
Cheers fiftypencer32, that was the plan to start with the head unit and see how it goes. I did this with another car, best thing I did was changing the head unit. I'll give those other head units a look as well.

Just doing my homework on the speakers so I go in with my eyes open.
mine has satnav etc, updatable via flash card speed cameras etc cost me £400 from another forum member. sound is improved over the stock system....to the point i dont see the point in changing my speakers.

saying that though it may be worth speaking to people like pomme who have some ice inside

Front 6.5 Component Set

Rear 6.5" component set

if you want a price on a screen send me a pm, altough we may do a group buy soon!

The Alpine is the better unit from an audio point of view, but the kenwood comes in a little cheaper.

Hope this helps

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