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hi all, despite driving one of these cars, i know very little about mechanics.

In november i had a yellow light come on the dash (engine) and it went into VW for a service and they said it was a lamda sensor, one of my mates knows a guy from VW who said he will buy the part and fit it cheaper than VW. still didnt get it done (my fault) , he cleared the lights, it came back for a month then disappeared for a month or so, lights been back ON for a couple of months now and no known issues. (car is due mot next couple of weeks and i was going to get the VW guy to sort the lamda sensor and then the front bushes at the same time.

anyway long story short, leaving work and i can feel the car sluggish pulling away certainly not a clean pull away, get to a round about and i was just crawling and i can feel the car struggling to keep idle and its dropping to 500 and below then bouncing up to 10 again. also when slowling down for the roundabout its sort of clunking (only word i can think of) into gear, pull away is even worse, it sits there for a second or two realises the throttle is down and jerks into gear. A couple times sitting in traffic it stalled and battery light flicked on... laer on sitting in traffic, in first, no throttle or break on and its stationary and not even pulling away, throttle down and it finally kicked off.
had about a 20min drive home on a roads and no sing when i got home of jerkiness or stalling..

could it be the lamda sensor would that cause the issue or should i be more worried..

sorry for the long story... probably confused things more..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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