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Just spotted this on Vortex and it looks an intresting OEM upgrade for all us MKiV owners.


Oil cooler Part number 038 117 021 B

Coolant pipe set Part number 022 121 049 G

Also need
2 x N 906 554 01 19x12 spring-type clip - block and crackpipe hose
2 x N 906 869 01 B23x12 spring-type clip -cooler hoses
1 x seal 59x5 lower gasket between cooler and flange 038 117 070 A
1 x gasket 62.8 - top bolt gasket 038 117 070

This cooler actually uses the old style gasket seal (not the Mk IV R32 one, which is quite different and a larger diameter).

It mounts vertically with the two hose outlets directly above the oil filter flange.

There is also mention of putting sealant between the oil cooler and the flange as well. The VW part number is AMV 188 100 02 - any idea what that sealant is like? i.e aftermarket equivalent? VW want $84 for a tube of it whatever it is.

Iv, just noticed the pics are hosted on tyresmoke so this maybe a repost ???


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Hey.....thats my new oil cooler! :)

It actually fits horizontally like the Mark V fitment. An unforseen problem was that the aircon outlet pipe is slightly in the way so the water pipes were just twisted down a bit to clear the a/c pipe.

Here it is fitted:

The Mk V a/c pipe has been modified and comes out the side of the compressor now instead of straight out the back.

The Touareg mounts up vertically. I am going to test fit it the other way up and see if anything else is in the way. If it fits you then get the Touareg molded water pipes instead.

I now have a sump sensor installed (for the Variable service) and will be able to now monitor the oil temp with vagcom (once I finish the wiring to the cluster)

If someone has one of the Variable service sensors fitted to their Mk IV in the UK, maybe they could run some VAGCOM logs of the oil and water temps during a couple of warm up cycles and maybe on a motorway run, so we can get a comparison of the stock vs larger oil coolers function.:cool:
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