Edit: I've dropped the price in line with some others I've seen recently. I have a replacement RNS510 on the way so that should be that issue sorted. I'm still willing to negotiate on the price however; I would much rather my car go to someone that will love it as I have rather than to a dealer/non-enthusiast.

Edit 2 (29/03/2022): I have had the tinting removed from the rear window and rear door windows; looks much better now!! Photos updated. I have received and fitted the replacement RNS510 too so that issue is also now resolved.

Edit 3 (23/07/2022): Finally got the headlining replaced so bumping for new views; I'm getting it serviced next week so the car is in good shape. I've spent a fair few £s recently so I think it is a bargain at this price.

It is with a heavy heart that I put my beloved MkV R32 up for sale.
I put plenty of miles on it in my first couple of years of ownership, but a change of job (i.e. now fully home-based) and covid happened and it has barely been driven for the past couple of years. I'm now struggling to justify the road tax and upkeep given how few miles it is doing at the moment.

Mechanically, it is stock configuration with the exception of the Mk6 reversing camera I fitted (see my post elsewhere in the forum for more information), but I have made a few cosmetic adjustments which I'll detail below. It is in generally good condition; no expense was spared in my first few years of ownership, however it has been sat on the driveway for the past couple of years and could do with some TLC.

It passed it's MOT in December with no issues listed other than tyres, but it is due for a service (although as you can see below it hasn't travelled much since the last one). As a result, it has 2 brand new Eagle F1 tyres which have only done a couple of hundred miles.

Current mileage: ~95,000 (this may go up very slightly with occasional use)

I reduced the price to £9k due to lack of interest, but based on similar models for sale on here and autotrader and given that I've fixed all the minor issues I think it is worth the money; it has been lovingly looked after.

  • 25-02-2021: 93,875 miles
  • 22-02-2019: 90,844
    • DSG: Oil & Filter changed
  • 13-03-2018: 79,977
    • Brake Calipers re-painted
  • 12-08-2016: 64,716
    • Haldex Coupling: Oil
    • New Brake Discs and Pads (x4)
All services and additional work were carried out by The Phirm who have looked after it well; i have all the paperwork. The only exceptions are the most recent services and a new radiator (June 2020) during the lockdown and recent periods which were done by my local mechanic (who has looked after all our other cars for 10+ years); this was purely due to the distance and lockdown restrictions.

Other notes/modifications:
  • S2T Performance DSG Paddle Shifters
  • Mk6 Reverse Camera Retrofit (details)
    • I did this properly, with an additional fuse fitted to the fuse box for power; no piggy-backing!!
  • VW Bluetooth kit
  • VW Omanyt Wheels (x5) repaired and power-coated: Jan 2015
  • Most interior lights (and rear-numberplate lights) replaced with LED bulbs
  • Custom brushed aluminium seat inserts and instrument panel sourced from a forum member
    • These can be easliy removed if desired
  • Custom brushed aluminium left foot-rest insert
  • Bonnet resprayed and whole car professionally polished ~2 years ago
    • There are a couple of minor blemishes but on the whole the paintwork is in pretty good condition given its age
  • 2 Keys
I have just replaced the wheel centre caps with official VW ones since I took the main pictures last week. I still have the r-line ones from the photos but they are looking rather tired.
That is all I can think of at the moment

Please be aware of the following issues:
  • The tinting on the rear window and rear passenger windows needs removing/replacing; you can see the rear window clearly in the pictures. This was fitted when I bought the car but has deteriorated over the past ~12 months
    • I've spoken to a local firm and they can remove for ~£50 or remove/replace for ~£200. This is a personal preference thing, therefore I haven't replaced it before this sale; if you want me to get it done I can do so.
    • Resolved: tinting removed; photos updated
  • There is currently an intermittant issue with the RNS510 headunit display. I'm attempting to source a replacement display, but if I am unsuccessful then a new unit will probably be required. I will reflect this with a price reduction obviously if required.
    • Update: I have ordered a replacement unit which should be with me by the weekend.
    • Resolved: replacement unit received and fitted.
  • The headlining has come away from the front of the car and needs sorting out (picture provided)
    • This is either a full replacement or should be able to be reattached; not an expensive job either but it does need doing.
    • Resolved: full replaced; see my review threadh for details (Interior Headlining Repair (R32 Mk5))
  • The wheels probably need sorting out. The powder-coating is started to show signs of wear, but they are otherwise in pretty good shape. The car is sold with the obligatory bike-wheel/space-saver in the boot, but I have a 5th proper Omanyt wheel in the garage which I'll include in the sale.
I have included a good number of pictures, so please have a look.
Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them.