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MKV R32 History anyone?

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Hey guys,:ciao:

This is my first post.

Just looking at getting an '06 MY07 R32 and was just wondering...

Does anyone know if there have been any modifications or changes to the MKV R32 at all since it was first launched until the ones being produced for 2008 ???

What date did the MKV R32 come out anyway ?

Any info will be sooo helpful!
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There have been a few changes since the MkV came out - the change in alloys is the obvious one. I know there are others, but can't think what they are!
ECU changed also
Sat Nav changed from MFD2 to MFD3 the difference between the two is that MFD3 is touch screen and MFD2 isn't, I am not sure what year the change happened though
Sat Nav change happened for cars built around or after January this year I think. My car was built in October 2007 and had I ordered it with Sat Nav it would have come with an MFD2 unit.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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