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Modified Insurance recomendations

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Just wondering who you guys with serious mods use for your Insurance,currently with Chris Knott but feel like I'm getting stiffed.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Cheers:confused:
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im with adrian flux, NIG is the underwriter and from my insurance worker days know they are a big insurer, really mod friendly, not bothered about suspension brakes wheels etc, and if you up power, whatever % power increase is over standard that is your extra premium!! so far been really good admin wise too.
They were fine with the basic mods but once we started talking power was like oh well how much and why,anyway eventually said yes but at a price and won't increase value on car which I think is a bit crap.
green light they are very good they saved me £200 on a modified car.
Cheers Mat will give them a call.Nothing worse than gettin ripped off with insurance.
MAT ED30 said:
green light they are very good they saved me £200 on a modified car.
I can second that. Greenlight were cheaper than anywhere else and were very mod friendly. Have a look on ukmkiv's, they get a discount and there's quite a bit of feedback about greenlight on there.
I'm with Greenlight too. When I have rung to add things like my coilovers or even my uprated cams there hasn't been an increase in my premium. You can get discount by being a memeber of UK-MKIVS.net
insurance companies make me so mad!
i had my r nicked last week... rang insurance, they said they would pay "market value".... £11k??! i bought it for £16.5k 3 months ago from VW
when you insure a car, they ask you "Value of Vehicle" (which affects ur premium) so whats the point?

Luckily it got found (no damage) but i had to pay £105 release fee... so i rang insurance, and they said that they wouldn't pay it... or if they did, i lose my no claims.

That's poor service as I thought when you asked for the market value you are paying more if its £16.5k and not £11K ?

I have gap insurance as well,(Only lasts for three years)

Glad you got it back and no damage (PM me how they got your R)
will reply on here:
classic way... break into house, steal keys.

always take keys to bed with you!!

they used some kind of tool to reach round and use door handle to open front door, then got keys, and R

I always make sure that my keys are hidden,

Well I think too well as @ 04:45 always looking for them,

My girlfriend always says "Look where you last hid them",lol.
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