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More money then sense.

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Or should that be driving ability:

what a tool :damnmate:
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Yeh I guess a bit of both twat.
What a muppet!!! And its on the web for us all to laugh at him...... Spot on!!!
Poor guy...must have been so happy to get the car moving and then all of a sudden BOOM!!! poor guy....
Obviously when you spend that much money a driving course would have been a good plan......

Hehehehehe :bird:
I thought supercar manufacturers vetted and trained future owners. Clearly not.

They won't let you loose on a humble motorbike without training.
if he cant control it he shouldnt have it

gimmie the keys :D
I just loved the way everyone clapped and laughed at him, i know i would have donw :) :) :)
HAHAHAHA, What a tool!
What a plank. Money can't buy everything!
I bet he sat there thinking, 'fuck, i suppose i should have taken that recommended course'

Thinking about it, surely its quite easy to write one off insurance wise considering the cost it is to build one (£3m wasnt it?, but this must be coming down as they are now building more on the larger productiuon line, as want the 3m an esstinate int he first year of production?) and the cost they are sold for (£1m).
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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