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Musical Talent

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Hi folks, this kid is truly amazing....watch :eek:

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I could manage that at the age of 14/15, but never 4 or 5 - that's awesome !

You could really tell the difference after a further year of practice... oow if only I'd kept playing, who knows, back in 1991 Dr Love's Sweet Picalilli Experience could've been the next big thing. I'd have had it all, money, booze, ladies, no septum, it would have been great...

I owe it all to my teacher & British Drum Icon, Ric Lee... who for the kids, was, and still is in Ten Years After (http://www.ten-years-after.com/index.htm) and toured with Deep Purple, Led Zep, and played the original Woodstock '69 Festival !

Keep the faith Ric,
Goose (33 yr old HP Enterprise Account Manager & Sellout)
Hi Goose, I know exactly where you're coming from fella.....my thing was the piano but to my own regret I didn't continue. Hindsight is a great thing but when your young there are so many distractions including girls? :wink::xD
That's absolutley amazing - very very jealous - wish I could do that :xD
Could be the next Keith Moon? :wink:
Yeah they are good...They should get together with this kid...

He makes it look so easy. Nice one :xD
Pure talent.... he will go a long way.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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