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My '08 R32

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Very nice fastest color as well, makes me want to get my windows tinted asap.
taken in south florida. i lived in england til i was 13
Looks the same place as im heading for our hols next year. Florida?
Looks fantastic there, oh and the car looks brill too.

Nice colour, enjoy............
how south? miami? their NFL team aint too good ;)

Tampa Bay for the win!!! we have a place there, so its our home away from home. lovely state!

actually have a couple friends from Clearwater staying with us here in uk at the moment.

Lovely car mate. and beautiful place for an .:R to live!
Sweet car and some amazing picures. Do you not get a front plate (I don't think you legally have to have one?) and if not, what are you thinking of doing with the holes on the front fender?

Nice one fella!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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