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My boot build

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Ok i warned you i was gonna do it, So i got started on it today.

This is the amp on the drivers side. I'm still awaiting delivery of the sub.

I intend to finish off the casing and cover it in OEM colour carpet to blend with the boot carpet.

Cant go any further just yet as i need to wire it up before i can complete the covering.

My intention is to keep the boot looking standard, opinions welcome.

I'll keep you updated on its progress
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OMG Steve! you rally are a chav!

Only joking! Looks good so far!

Caroline & Rob
looks good, i'm a fan of the oem look rather than the "look what ive done to my boot" build
I finally spent a little time getting the sub and amp enclosures finished off.

Heres the pics so far :

The wiring wont show obviously when its connected up to the headunit, just gotta spend some time feeding the wires to the front now. It also fits a bit flusher to the boot sides than shown , i just havent secured them yet.

I'm also gonna make an .:R32 logo for the centre of the boot carpet just to finish it all off.

I know some people have the enclosures a bit smaller but i wanted this install to be completely removable and also keep some boot space.
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Nice work...I can see why they call you the daddy!!!:shakehands:
i think that looks really really nice :) very oem :)
looks very good that! top work there
is there anything you cant turn your hand to?
hello mate, just wondering, how much did all the stuff set you back including sub and amp? what does it sound like aas thinking of having something similar done.

cheers mate, you done a good job
Bloody hell! Fair play to you for resurrecting a 3 year old thread!!
looks good...
i couldn't feed the power line into the battery....so i just fed it threw the boot cigarette lighter :D
Bloody hell! Fair play to you for resurrecting a 3 year old thread!!
lol, i was looking for decent but budget boot builds on a mkiv and seemed to be the only one i could find haha
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