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My DBP Mk5 DSG 5dr :)

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Hi All,

Had my R a couple of months now, but just got round to getting it looking shiny :)/>! Not looking too bad for 6yrs and 65,000 miles, I hope you'll agree?

Loving it so far. Just also fitted a nice Pioneer F9310BT to sort out the somewhat lacking in car entertainment and nav situation. A great unit which looks neat and tidy.

It used to belong to a forum member and has been well looked after for all its life. Options include the rare leather recaros, lux pack, winter pack, DSG and parking sensors.

I have a slight urge to change the wheels but not sure what for or colours (pics and ideas welcomed).



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Cheers for tge comments guys! The Zolders are growing on me.

When I was looking I did tend to favour the Omanyts on the later cars. "OEM+" is very much my taste, so I may stick with them or if I do change then it won't be for anything too radical.

They need a light refurb, so was wondering about the grey shadow effect finish that seems popular on the latest Audi's?
Thanks. Sounds like you have exceptional taste too

The M3 is actually my bosses car. He's let me use it a couple if times and it is a pretty awesome car. I love my R, but it has to be said that the power of the M3 is in a league above. With a 4 ltr V8, it also manages to chew through the V Power quicker than the Golf!
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Cheers. I'm thinking that either a subtle change in colour of the Zolder's (they are a little bit kerbed anyway) to a shadow grey or maybe a new set of wheels if funds allow (quite liking the VMR style wheels at the moment)

Rob32R - Sounds like you have some nice subtle mods. Does the Forge induction kit make much difference to the car?
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