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My lap of the Nurburgring - June 2008

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Not sure if you can all see this with it being on my Facebook, but after a chat with a few of you at Inter's this weekend I said I'd post it up on here. If it doesn't work then feel free to add me (Leon Gater, Manchester Network), but let me know your an R32OC member incase I get a sudden influx of randomers:

Click Here For The Video

As is said on the page, I managed to sneak an onboard video of one of my best laps of the Nurburgring.

Apologies in advance for the language at about 3:40mins but those three 'Sunday Drivers' had been holding everyone up on the track all day.

Timed at 9:46mins from gantry to gantry...

Hope you enjoy it :)

In a bit,
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Any chance of posting this on youtube?

Well I loved the bit about 3.5 mins into the vid made me laugh.

Very good
Great vid, of course the cars sounds awesome too !!!!

Get it posted onto the R32oc facebook site !!!!
Nice one mate, you certainly have it some beans :D
Cheers people, yeah those three prats in the Corsa, Range Rover and whatever were doing everyone's tree in! There were times where you'd come round the corner and they'd be three a breast across the track chatting through the windows, one of my mates said when he was on a lap there were three or three Carrera GT3 RS' and a new M3 all sat behind them beeping for them to move over, morons! Hence my 'comment' when I spotted them on the horizon, lol!

I'll get it tagged onto the R32OC Facebook page and see about getting it on YouTube or PhotoBucket, it's about 44meg reduced to about 400-480pixels wide or something...

Thanks again,
Wicked video - how in the name of all that is holy did you take that vid???

Good lap and sounds awesome btw

Did you have a play with anything really special on your laps?
That would be the now trademarked 'Leon-Cam' established Croft Trackday 2006, Ta Da, Lol! :proud: I also waited for the Marshals to go on a tea break as they're pretty strict about you not taking video incase you bin it and put it on YouTube telling the world how dangerous the place it...

Originally I looked at running a 'stick' of wood across the top rear seats and securing it solid using some foam and the rear head-rests, then fixing the camera to the wood... But luckily my Dad had an old tripod so I thought I'd try that first, noticing then that the Golf has four 'loops' in the boot for attaching trays/net, I thought I'd try and attach some bungee hooks and voila, it's solid as you like and cost the total of £5 for the bungee's from Halfords.

Added 'Flash Value' bonus with it too is that because I've got a boot mounted processor box for the Alpine Screen, I can plug the 'Video Out' from the Camera directly into the headunit, so what the camera is recording is also playing on the headunit at the same time, Quite good for rear/side shots during Quarter Mile or Trackdays so you can see how close something is behind you...

As for other cars at the ring, it was the Porsche Owners Club day when we were there so the majority of cars were GT3 RS's, however there were a few Carrera GT's and classic 911's, we did have a really good section with a old 6pot 911, not sure what it was exactly but it was only just quicker than us on the straights and obviously the R32 made up for it in the corners, think it was about half a lap where he couldn't shake me in the corners and I couldn't catch him on the straights, real good fun to have a comparable run as opposed to the usual Viper or M5 flying past with Sabine at the wheel.

Unfortunately, quite a few of the GT3 RS' ended up in the walls that week, I don't consider myself a race driver but there were some real prats on that track. 22year old "Hoorah Henry's" in brand new Porsches who just assumed they could drive as fast as they wanted and the car would do as it's told, I counted three smashed GT3 RS' on the first day I was there, real shame, especially as they have to close the track for 30-60mins to clean up the mess :(

The real cars to watch out for though aren't the big power British owned saloons or supercars, it's the locally owned race/track prepped Mk2/3 Golf's you want to watch for, there like lightning round that track, probably because they drive it daily just for fun!

In a bit,
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Leon, that's a cracking cam set up you've got there! Was wondering how you did it.
wow....LeonCam....how impressive?? That is a seriously good effort!! Hope to see other new releases soon :)

Yeah, I figured the most crazy cars would be car entusiasts who had piled a serious amount of ponies under the bonnet or taken so much out of it they were sittin' butt naked on the floor.....

.....at least those 22 year old GT3 RS owners will themselves get owned when they get the bill for those..........must have been nice to go around without Sabine overtaking you in a robin reliant

Must get my ass down to the ring and find out for myself.
Looking good there Sir Henri - what time did you get?
i need to go play at the ring, top job leon :top:
no "time-lapping", because track was very wet and only few (like me) hat enought pluck to go out! Because of this i made a lot of TAXI turns for my friends and some nice guys from BMWland.uk ;-)
Slapbladder said:
All gone now.
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