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My Mk2 20vt...project call the RAC.

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Ok guys, so after selling the R32 I was on the hunt for a good Mk2 to use as a weekend toy and something fun to blast around in over the summer. I initially looked at the show car which was for sale on here, but in my eyes wasn't work the money he was asking and still needed a few jobs doing. Viewed another ABF converted one, which was great...but then I went to see a 1.8t conversion just outside Hull. I was expecting something half quick but when I went out in it, I knew I had to have it! This thing was insane quick - 240bhp in a Mk2 is on another level - something Jamesbaby and Fat Head will back up ;-) The spec:1991 Golf GTi 16v.
LO41 Black.
111k miles.
11 months MOT.
Fitted with 20v Turbo AUM k03s Engine (approx. 45k miles).
QPENG loom & MBE 992 ecu (approx. 240bhp).
Seat Ibiza Cupra 02a gearbox with Golf mk4 shifter (cable change with Seat hydraulic conversion kit)
Mercedes Sprinter Intercooler & custom pipe work.
Golf G60 front discs and calipers.
Mk4 Golf GTi rear discs and calipers.
eBay coilovers.
Uprated anti-roll bars.
BBS RMs 8x15 with Nankang NS2 195/40/15s with loads of tread
Standard rainbow interior in great condition.
Large battery in boot.
Badge less single lamp grill.
Recent paint on rear quarters and rear.
Working MFA and all electrics work!
Solid underneath and good paintwork.

The paint work is not bad - the bonnet is bitty, but other than that it polishes up great. Sellers photo
On the way home I stopped and then couldn't get it to start again...turned out it had some wiring done to the starter and alternator the previous week and one of the clips had come off. Bump started it and took it back. Picked it up the night after, went to my mums and it threw a bolt out of the aux belt tensioner. Managed to get a spare and repaired it the Saturday morning. Ran great...went to Frankies little mini meet on the Saturday afternoon, all going well until I cracked the sump on a railway crossing on the way home.
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got the car back today...and its decided it doesn't like its exhaust. Its currently sat on my drive with the rear section hanging off...job for tomorrow night is to see where its broke and if its salvegable, or needs a full new one..but I still love it. Plenty to come on this one, wheels split and chrome painted centres, chrome plated bolts and polished lips...got another interior arriving Friday so I can use the fabric to get the drivers seat repaired, underside cleaned and painted, eventually the engine out, tidy the wiring and give the bay a paint.
Nice MK2 that pal, will be awesome when finished.

Had a MK2 8v that was VR6 converted many moons ago, had it for nearly 10 years............
Thanks Daz...the running aspect of the car is spot on, just needs loads of little jobs to finish. The garage who did the sump said the internals looked all brand new so that's a bonus...
Love this car. Can't wait to see it again
You've seen it for about as long as I have pal :)
Thanks Mark...I'll get some better photos on soon, only ones I have are the sellers and they aren't the greatest. Do some over the weekend...
I'd love a 1.8t Mk2 as a little weapon. A friend of mine had one fettled by Jabba up around 350hp and it was undrivable in my opinion. All caged up and stripped out, it ate Ferrari's in a straight line but had an uncanny ability of swapping lanes uncontrollably, it was far too over powered.

Lovely looking car buddy, enjoy ;-)
240 is about on the limit, struggle to use full power in first and can spin in second if you want it to...wouldn't want to go much more to be honest. Look into making it more driveable using the power it has rather than making it a straight line tool!
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