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My MK5 R32

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My build thread,had my pride and joy for 2 years (MK4 Golf GTI) on accuair, and decided it was time for a change!
link HERE

From this:

20130505_124152 by Matty_Dub, on Flickr

20130418_165742 by Matty_Dub, on Flickr

To this

First thing that was done was replacing all the brakes and disks all round, I went for Pagid All round, so a nice OEM setup again

It started well...

Then the pads...

The disks...

Still can't believe how big the front brakes are compared to the mk4

Next was to remove all the protective stickers it has all over the front end and doors, i know it's expensive and is there for a reason, but it's had it's time and is heavily scratched lol
and the nasty eyelids..

Annoyed it has a slight crack underneath

Next was the paintwork, this is as far as i have got now because of the weather

You can see the protective stickers..

And how scratched the bonnet sticker is...

Cleaned the tips... from this

To this:

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Welcome matey from a fellow black mk5 owner
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That's awesome mate
Top work!
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