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Some current photos of my R

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I like those rims.
I like those rims too.
ditto the rims, there what i'd change to.

Is thata milteck too ? seems to fill the bumper cutouts better than standard.
Its a Milltek alright! Just read his list of mods here List your mods here - R32OC | VW Golf R32 Owners Club
Reading that list, the fuel range mod looks good. A few people over as Tyresmoke have mentioned this...do you just get the MFA reprogrammed at VW?
VW won't do it mate, you need VAGCOM and a different cable link, not sure what type, had mine done at a TSN meet, along with the needles on all the time, constant glow. You can also have the mileage changed too!!

That is a milltek Dan has there, and one or two guys also run the blueflame zorst, tho the milltek is the preferable one to choose.

lovin the mk5 shark-fin and smooth rear glass mate :151:
awesome lookin car mate same wheels as i,ve got on mine! what is that lower front lip? it,s the dogs!
That is a Porsche 911 (997) Turbo splitter. Lot of work to get that to fit, and if you were to buy one (mine was donated by the original owner after an incident with a curb!) it would cost £120!

Watch this space for another possibility...............
That is V V nice mate, love the stance on the CHs
liking the subtleness of your rear screen :D

i need mine living where i live else i would consider that
cars looking great hows the reception on the shark fin? and did you buy a connetor to go from original wiring to the fakra shark fin plug?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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