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My .:R :)

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Few pics of my car:

Will post few new ones when I get the new wheels
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nice, what wheels you getting ?
Looks mint, and artistic light flare on the photo too...
Your car looks very well
Thanks everyone :D.
Need the front bumper resprayed (lots of annoying stone chips).
Those R the wheels:

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Those are Zender VWA Tuner Rad. What do you think? Should have them in about two weeks time.Cant wait :D
Here is one photo at the moment of my car with new wheels and cupra lip :D, more pics to come (photobucket very slow uploading). I used my place of work to get them fitted (weather is bad and there is lots of light and most important-peace and quiet:151: :D )

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looks mint stan, really aggressive, i,m liking alot!
:) Thats what I think too.
Here is the link for the spacers, does anyone know what are the hubcentric spacers and none hubcentric mean?
Just scroll down for R32 ones.
Cheers ;)
right by the looks of things they r sellin them in pairs and as it says in brackets 5mm or whateva thats each wheel, don,t know what hubcentric means though!
Hubcentric is where there is a lip that locates snugly into the wheel hub. I've been told you must fit these otherwise the bolts will take too much load and the wheel could also not be centred properly causing vibrations

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atleast some1 has brains hehe there u go u need hubcentric 1,s!
1900 yoyos:shot: for the wheels. Got them as a gift from my missus:proud:
Here are few new pics taken yesterday at the Limerick Show

Oh, and I won best in class :ridinghorse: :D
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Alright Stan:itsme:, never got to congratulate on your win on Sunday! fair play and well deserved. I think our little Deep Blue R32 display went down well:tee:
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