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My r32 for sale

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I am selling my r32. I've had it just under a year and I am only selling it as work requires the need for a van and I cannot afford to run both :-(.

The basics about the car are;
Serviced at 132,000
Full 12months mot as of beginning of April
4-5months tax (cannot remember off top of my head)
2 tyres replaced in December, other two replaced in January
Steering rack replaced
Rear brake pads changed
Milltek cat back exhaust
Milltek cats
Cone filter (unsure on brand)
Neuspeed short shift
Ohlins adjustable suspension

The previous owner had owned this car for 5years before me, and had used it to commute everyday, so the mileage has been easy on it. The car is what it is, it's in extremely good condition for its mileage (@133,340 ATM), the interior is again extremely good condition and does not warrant the mileage. I am an honest seller and will answer any questions you have. Viewing the car is most welcome as I have nothing to hide and want people to see how good this car is.

I currently have it up for £5,300, but make me an offer (nothing stupid!!!). I have a figure in my head for what the car is worth and I don't believe anyone on here will take the p**s. I don't want to do any part-ex/swap, this is just a straight sale.

I will put pictures up soon as I have done this on my phone
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It's bloody lovely

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cuprabob said:
Personally, I don't think the mileage is that high. An average of around 13k per annum, that's nothing.
I totally agree with this even though RJH always comments anything over 70k is high mileage, mine is 500 off 100k and as you've correctly said that is classes as low mileage for a 10 yr old car and well below average

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Where you based mate and are you open to offers if its bought no questions asked.



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