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Near side Driveshaft replacement

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Hi to all, so I need to replace the near side driveshaft, VW don’t make that part anymore, they modified the part in 2012, so my question is, does anyone know where I can buy a genuine old style driveshaft or where I can purchase a plate to modify the new one, please see pictures attached, shiny one is the new modified part VS our old style driveshaft.. just needs the flange plate to mate to the gearbox! New near side driveshaft genuine VW £500 & they don’t fit 🙈 we have found one on euro car parts but not genuine @£173
cheers & many thanks in advance 👍

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Edit: update.. it was the boot that was leaking, so had a new boot on + grease on original shaft, assuming this cures the issue which I’m confident it has, may leave as is or replace with new aftermarket driveshaft cv joint for peace of mind, as was intending to replace anyway, as mentioned above, the new style doesn’t fit & the only replacement we’ve found is through euro car parts & comes from Im guessing Germany.
Question for you. Could you describe what symptoms you were having? Did the new drive shaft cure the issue?

The reason I ask is that my MKV R32 has this clackety sound when the car starts to move or is moving at slow speed. Mostly noticeable when starting to move from a stop, in first gear but doesn’t seem to matter what gear. I can hear it when slowing through a traffic light, in a higher gear. The noise doesn’t seem to be rotational (sound changing with speed) have been trying to find the source of this clackey noise for years. It’s getting louder with time. My mechanic says his best guess after six months of trouble shooting is the passenger side axle, (my steering wheel is on the left) but he couldn’t find a replacement axle anywhere. So the noise persists and drives me crazy.

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Hello mate, I didn’t actually replace the driveshaft as they don’t fit, VW will happily sell you a driveshaft that, doesn’t fit & then they’ll try & tell you that you can’t have a refund either. We got a refund 😎

the symptoms were when driving over potholes or uneven ground, I’d hear a clunking noise, at first I thought it was the suspension, but turned out to be the near side driveshaft boot was leaking & chucking out grease!! So my guy fitted a new boot & packed with grease & problem solved.. sorry I can’t help more. I tend to find the old timers (old school) most knowledgeable with problem solving.. the kind that work on ANY car.. just my 2 pence worth! Sincerely hope you solve this problem 🙏
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